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1.07 GB

Summary: A group of lesbian moms bullies one lonely wife and they end up pleasuring her and worshipping her gorgeous body. These MILF group likes to lick each other's pussy and stuff it with different sex toys.
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1.22 GB

Three Lesbians with Big Tits
Models: Satoko Tachibana, Yumi Kazama, Maki Tomoda
Summary: Three gorgeous Japanese Riko Tachibana, Yumi Kazama and Maki Tomoda will do some lesbian acts in this movie. In the first scene, they are seated on a sofa and the slut in the middle gets to kiss the two horny dykes, swap tongues with them and gets to play with their tits. Shortly after, the two lesbians rubbed their breasts on her pussy and started to lick and finger it until she is fully satisfied. Next, another one gets to experience the pleasure of being caressed by two horny lesbians. With her hands tied up, her body gets fondled and her pussy was licked and fingered by them. More scenes from this Japanese trio doing more lesbian acts in this movie, watch them spit swapping, fingering and fondling each other's pussy with different sex toys and fucking one another using a strap on dildo.
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1.27 GB

Obscene School Lesbians
Summary: Two Japanese dykes swapping tongues start the first scene of this movie. They fondled each other's breasts before another lesbian joined in and lets them finger her cunt. In the next few scenes, each of these horny lesbians did a tongue swapping action with their teacher. Then in the next clip, they were invited by their teacher in her house to do some lesbian orgy. Watch more tongue swapping, pussy licking and breast fondling clips from this lesbian Asians in the next few clips of this movie
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827 MB

Lesbian and Love Juice 2
Models: Hikari Aotsuki, Nana Saeki
Summary: Starting with a kissing scene of Hikari Aotsuki and Nana Saeki, this movie offers you one of the best lesbian titles we have. Hikari and Nana continued to kiss one another, swapping their tongues and tasting each other's saliva followed by some pussy licking and tits fondling. Next scene happened inside the bedroom where they had an intimate session, again kissing one another passionately and caressing each other's cunt using their tongues. Download this movie now to see Hikari and Nana do more lesbian acts.
  Download Full DVD: DJNJ-17 DVD

1.00 GB

Ero Women Les Training Diary
Models: Itsuki Azuma, Hikari Aotsuki
Summary: The movie opens with mature actress Itsuki Azuma and a much younger girl Hikari Aotsuki engaging in some heavy kissing, sucking each other's toungue and swapping spit. Some nipple sucking followed and then Itsuki ate Hikari's pussy. Next couple of scenes the two women are in swimsuits showing off their bodies. Then Itsuki ties up Hikari's hands and puts a ball gag in her mouth. Then she fondles her body all over and even uses a massager to give more pleasure. The scene ended with Itsuki using the massager on herself. The final scene both women are seated and playing with themselves. Then they started playing with each other, fondling and kissing. Ikari takes out a double ended dildo and they started sucking on it. They played with it some more before it gets inserted in Hikari's pussy. And then Itsuki puts it in herself for a double ended dildo fucking. They finish by rubbing their pussies and then kissing.
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1.31 GB

Mature Woman Lesbian Collection
Summary: Another set of mature dykes rubbing their pussies together to satisfy each other are featured in this movie. These horny lesbian moms love to fondle wet Asian cunts and tits while they play with various types of sex toys.
  Download Full DVD: JUSD-011B DVD

1.91 GB

Lesbian Vampire
Models: Natsumi Horiguchi, Nana Satake, Ramu Suzumiya, Ai Asou
Summary: An AVGP 2009 special award winner for Variety, this one features Natsumi Horiguchi, Nana Satake, Ramu Suzumiya and Ai Asou. These Asian sluts kissed one another, fondled each others tight pussies, did some tongue swapping, played with several sex toys such as dildos and vibrators in various sizes.
  Download Full DVD: AVGP-144 DVD

901 MB

Jyo Les Part 2
Summary: I love lesbian titles but not a fan of mature women. Well, the girls featured here is not that matured so it is ok for me; it features two lesbians fondling themselves with sex toys, rubbing each other's cunt and doing more lesbian acts together. Best scene for me is the part where they fondled themselves with various dildos and used a strap on dildo to fuck each other.
  Download Full DVD: DDSE-002 DVD

970 MB

Love Santa Claus
Models: Yu Tsutsumi, Shuri Himesaki
Summary: These Asian dykes washed each other's body in the first scene. They poured some goo all over, rubbed their bodies against each other and kissed one another. They stripped off each other's sports uniform in the next clip of this movie before they fondled each other's tits and rubbed their tight pussies against each other. They played with cream while they're dressed in their santa costume; they put cream on their tits and pussy and ate it afterwards. In the last scene, they gave us hot lesbian sex.
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1.29 GB

Mature Woman Lesbian Collection
Summary: This movie features Asian lesbian moms who fondled and caressed each other in every scene. First, they used different types of sex toys to fondle each other's wet pussies. Dressed as nurses in the next clip, they made lesbian love inside the clinic; they rubbed and licked each other's clit before they rubbed it against each other. Succeeding clips contains more lesbian acts performed by horny Japanese MILFs.
  Download Full DVD: JUSD-011A DVD
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